Thursday, September 07, 2006


7 September

Mr Bush is telling the American people that yes, the CIA has secret locations in which they interrogate their victims according to alternative methods, i.e. they are sent to countries like Egypt and Pakistan which are notorious for their disregard to human rights to be beaten and tortured. Meanwhile the American people can rest assured that they are not guilty of the incredible violence that is visited in their name on often innocent men and women. They can sleep soundly and spend their money at the malls with clean hands and minds.
Here in Egypt we are champions in police brutality, maltreatment in prisons, barbaric torture methods and the like. We have been trying hard to improve our human rights record which seems to stand in the way of many priviledges accorded us by the West should we have been able to clean our act. But now why should we? Our brutality is an asset. It is being used by our American masters. We are slightly better at metting pain than the dogs they unleashed on the prisoners at Abu Ghreib. I suggest we refine our methods even further and maybe we will finally have something as valuable as oil to negotiate American AID with.

Monday, August 14, 2006


14 August
I can imagine why Bush has to repeat the idiocies that other fools are throwing at us. After Blair, it is Allmerde who is giving him his lines, since he has gone through most of his own. There are so many sentences in which one can work the word terrorist and he has surely exhausted the supply.
The Israelis are sad when they kill Arabs? Give me a break, Mr Bush. Is that why they systematically went after civilians? Hisbollah rejoices when they kill Israelis? Of course they do and so do we all here in the Middle East. We did not ask the Israelis to grace us with their presence, remember, they are the occupiers, the ennemy and therefore it is kosher to kill as many as is possible. Isn't that what war is all about? You know about war Mr Bush don't you?And how less dead and injured are the Arab victims on whom the Israelis are admittely shedding their Jewish tears? I mean really! Do you think that the mothers who lost their sons will forgive the killers because they claim that they are sorry for the killings? That is so preposterous that, sad as it may be, it makes me want to laugh. If you guys are so sensitive why don't you offer to go collect your unexplded bombs that will kill even more children? Why don't you tell them Mr Bush to just do that instead of shedding their unwanted tears. Or maybe you could attend to it yourself instead of spouting your detestable lies?
We hate you Mr Bush you and your Nazionist friends and this feeling will last much longer than the Jewish tears or any of your stupid discourses.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Let us see

13 August

Today is the anniversary of my mother's death and I think of her watching television to her last days and telling us how she hated Sharon. She was an intelligent, compassionate woman. She did not have a drop of Arab blood in her body. I cannot say that she was very partial to Arabs (my late father excepted, I hope) and certainly not to any Islamic movement. But she despised Sharon and made obscene gestures at the television whenever he appeared.
My grandmother came to Egypt from Austria as a relatively young widow. It was after the war, the first one. She was a Roman Catholic by birth but was not religious. She too hated the Jews. She had seen them at close quarters in Vienna. They were, she said like worms in a healthy piece of fruit. Thery bore their holes silently, relentlessly until the whole fruit was contaminated. In the end, the worms were not saved but neither was the fruit. This is what the Jews did to the countries they inhabited. My grandmother did not approve of the holocaust but understood its reasons. The Germans had wanted to rid the fruit of its worms. Like all pests the Jews eventually survived. They went through a period of mutation and immerged stronger to attack a new, fresh fruit.
The question is will history repeat itself? Will a new Hitler in the garb of an Arab decide one day that it is time to disinfect his orchard and come up with a potent wormicide? The world as we have seen respects brute force. America has helped the Zionists as long as they were fighting weak Arabs. They won't, if the other side is stronger. Let us see what will happen then.

Friday, August 04, 2006


5 August

Shalom Mr Allmerde
Did you get your big thrill watching the dead little kids of Qana? Do you think they will be forgotten? I bet you anything in a few years it will be the turn of the children of Tel Aviv to go in plastic bags. Fair is fair. You know us, we Arabs hate to leave crimes unavenged. It has to do with our culture but you wouldn't understand because you come from Mittle Europa. But then what the hell! the Americans came from England, exterminated the Red Indians and took their country that is now theirs and they never needed to learn about their culture. So why not you? Get rid of the Arabs, kill them, put them in reservations, if they did it, you can do it too.
Remember you have the famous Jewish intelligence and the American sophisticated arsenal. It is a deadly combination. Think of the number of little Arab children you can exterminate with such a might. Pity those stupid Arab women don't stop procreating really. I fear they might be able to keep outnumbering you no matter how many you kill. True, as the great Bolton informed us via the United Nations, your children are superior in quality to ours but somehow I still have faith in numbers. Besides if these poor Arab sods manage to give birth to a couple of Hassan Nasrallah you can be in real trouble if I dare say so.
One Nasrallah has sent you scrambling all over the place and forced you to show your ugly mug to tell the world your lies, in person, on television. What will happen when every Palestinian and every Lebanese child turns into a Nasrallah? They wont even have to fight you. Suffice they decide to spit on Israel in unison and you will disappear in the outpour of saliva . They won't even have to thow back into the sea to rid the Arab world of your kind. Ploof! No more Nazionists. Just like that! Shalom Mr Allmerde I hope you choke soon on your own shit.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Peaceful demonstrations

31 July

The people of Egypt are trying to express their horror at what is going on in Lebanon.They have taken to the streets.
They have done so politely, gathering in predetermined locations and shouting old slogans from the time we still had a national pride. Like everywhere else in the world where so called democracy reigns, our youngsters believe that they can peacefully protest the advent of a new improved degree of barbarity. Haven't we been told that we had graduated to the era of free expression? Only the person of our president is out of bound, they said. No one is thinking of maligning him however. The people have given up on him and leave him be. Why then is the Egyptian police instructed to savagely beat up the demonstators who are supporting the Arab struggle against Zionism? Why are the keepers of order, camouflaged in plain clothes, ordered to pounce unexpectedly on young men and women who are doing no more than fulfilling their least duty as human beings? Obviously the government is terrified, should these young patriots turn suddenly on them and expose them for what they are. So as a preventive measure they are beaten, raped and maimed to teach them a primitive lesson: if for a moment they belived the official pronouncement that they have become verbally liberated they were sorely wrong. It is business as usual.
The question is, since our brutal police force is operating in disguise why not use the masquerade further and dress them in military garb and send them to the front where they belong for instance, or if we are too cowardly to show our masters that all Arabs are not in complete agreement with them, then why not disguise the brutes as humanitarian aids and send them to Israel, courtesy of a "Stauch Ally" of the United States to distribute fuul and ta'miya to the overworked Israeli soldiers who need ethnic sustenance in their endeavor to kill Arab kids (it is hard work as the civilized world well knows) and once inside drop their disguise and start beating, raping and maiming some young Israeli warmongers for a change? Wouldn't that be a better use of a police force (one million strong) than unleashing them on our own people?
It seems to me they would thus be much better employed and at the same time the powers that be will have one less reason to shit their pants.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

They are killing the children

30 July

The Jews are killing the Arab children because they know they are going to grow to be Jew haters exactly like we are. We will see to that. We will make sure that every Arab child knows about what happened in Qana today. We will write about the butchers of Qana and how they slaughtered 30 sleeping children. We will keep the pictures and sew the seeds of hatered into the next generation and the next...until the Arab world finally expels the cancer that is eating it. We will also teach our children and our grandchildren about the role of the United States and that of the black witch Condoleezza Rice, their modern Auntie Jemima, the legitimate daughter of Uncle Tom the good nigger. We will tell our children that the word genocide is linked to the Jews only because they committed it not because they were its victims. From the beginning of this war I have been cursing Hitler for not finishing his job properly. the Jews suffered at the hands of the Germans? Good. It was only advanced punishment for what they are visiting on the only people who were ever good to them. I may not see it in my time but my dearest wish is that another Holocaust at the hands of the Arabs this time is on its way. Shalom you bastards

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hey, hey

Weren't the Zionists supposed to be invincible? All this might held hostage to a few freedom fighters? What else do they need? An atomic bomb? And who said the Germans were inhuman? I bet the Jews looked nothing like the Lebanese children after the Zionist bombs visited their poor villages. Makes you feel sorry Hitler did not finish his job. Me an antisemite? Nooo. I am just so full of hatred I stammer while writing these words.
I have to stay home to prevent myself from screaming my feelings at the Arab gamousas who go about their business without a thought for the Lebanese and the Palestinians. The Zionists will prevail in the end of course, they have the equipment, the technology and American money. But the utter disgust that their sight will provoke in many Arabs will last for generations to come and one day we will have a Middle East free of them. I am just sorry I am too old to see this come to pass. Meanwhile I can just send my best wishes to the eroes who are defending Arab lands.